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Modernist Cultures is a free, easily accessible e-journal open to anyone who is interested in the vibrant field of modernist studies. It aims to use the resources of the internet to facilitate scholarly debate. The journal will be published twice a year (Spring and Autumn) and each issue will contain five to eight articles of between 8-12,000 words in length. Articles will focus on the multiple contexts of modernity (aesthetic, cultural, historical, philosophical, political, social, technological, and visual etc.), as well as consider issues of cultural production and circulation. Each issue will concentrate on a particular theme or problematic and will be put together either by one of the journal editors or by a guest editor. It is our hope that Modernist Cultures will provide a forum for explorations of the most interesting contemporary debates in modernist studies. We warmly welcome proposals for future issues, and we invite anybody with suggestions for topics to contact one of the journal’s editors.

Andrzej Gasiorek

Deborah Parsons

Michael Valdez Moses

Daniel Moore (Assistant Editor)

Nathan Waddell (Editorial Assistant)

Move to Edinburgh University Press

We are delighted to inform you that four years down the line we are moving to joint electronic/hardcopy publication with Edinburgh University Press from our next issue. Please see

Under EUP, Modernist Cultures will appear twice per annum in the first instance: a themed issue in Spring (May), and an open issue in Autumn (October), with the themed issues being subsequently published as a book series. We will also be introducing book reviews and longer review essays. We are planning to move to three issues per annum from 2011.

The first issue to appear in Spring 2010 under the new format will be ‘Modernism and Cinema’, edited by Michael Valdez Moses. It will include essays by Genevieve Abravanel, Nicholas Allen, Thomas Elsaesser, Scott Klein, Michael Levenson, Laura Marcus, Susan McCabe and David Trotter. We are currently accepting essay submissions for the open Autumn 2010 issue, and would be very pleased to hear from any colleagues, post-doctoral researchers and doctoral students who might like to submit a piece for consideration.


Please contact Deborah Parsons for further information.