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Modernist Cultures seeks to open modernism up to new kinds of inquiry, new subjects, and new arguments. As well as trying to rethink existing scholarly paradigms, the work of established figures, and received conceptions of what matters, the journal is interested in the other places where things happened, the other people who were writing, making films, music, paintings, photographs, and buildings. Not just the usual suspects of canonic modernism but also its illegitimate, dissident, marginalised places/spaces/voices. These are the awkward sites and signs of ex-centric practices not yet properly explored (still less assimilated) within the cultural formations that we identify as modernist. We want passionate, engaged scholarship that combines strong opinions with academic erudition in the search for inventive, eclectic refashionings/ remappings of modernism's diverse cultures.

Modernist Cultures seeks to examine the interdisciplinary and international contexts of modernism and modernity. The journal is indebted to no single theoretical paradigm or critical model but is committed to innovative scholarship and to dialogue across international borders. The editors' intention is to create a genuinely interdisciplinary space for the lively, polemical discussion of contemporary trends in the field, a discussion that will, we hope, represent the heterogeneity of current critical approaches and foster debate between scholars working within different intellectual traditions. We invite essays from various fields of inquiry, including anthropology, art history, cultural studies, ethnography, film studies, history, literature, musicology, philosophy, sociology, urban studies, and visual culture. We look above all for essays that cross the boundaries between such fields, bringing together disparate modes of thinking and writing in an attempt to reanimate the discourses through which modernist cultures have hitherto been conceived.

Submission Guidelines

The online format of Modernist Cultures is intended actively to promote the use of innovative methods and forms available for interactive debate within web-based dissemination. The editors encourage contributors to explore the potential (where relevant) of still and moving images and sound within essays. Images can be sent on disk, as Jpegs, or on CD-ROM; hyperlinks will need correct URL addresses; video clips should be in MPEG or Quicktime formats; sound files should be in .AU or .WAV formats. Multimedia elements fall under the same copyright restrictions and intellectual property right laws as do print publications. It is the contributor’s responsibility to obtain permission to reproduce particular images, video clips, and sound files, but please note that permission is not required for the inclusion of hyperlinks, and the use of hyperlinks may offer a more efficient way of including video, music, and image files.

Manuscripts must be submitted electronically in Word or rtf format and conform to Chicago style. They will normally be between 8,000 and 12,000 words in length. Authors should include a title page detailing their name, title and current affiliation, plus an up-to-date e-mail address to which proofs and pre-publication correspondence will be sent. Please also provide an abstract of about 100-150 words and up to five keywords for searching online (preferably not words already used in the title). Please do not submit a manuscript that is under consideration elsewhere.

Submissions can be sent to any one of the Editors:

Andrzej Gasiorek:
Deborah Parsons:
Michael Valdez Moses:

Print queries can be sent to any one of the editors at the following addresses:

Andrzej Gasiorek
Modernist Cultures
Department of English
School of Humanities
Birmingham University
Birmingham B15 2TT

Deborah Parsons
Modernist Cultures
Department of English
School of Humanities
Birmingham University
Birmingham B15 2TT

Michael Valdez Moses
Modernist Cultures

Department of English

Box 90015

Duke University

Durham, NC




Copyright for material published in Modernist Cultures is retained by the author, who is permitted to republish work elsewhere, providing that the work’s previous publication in MC is duly acknowledged. The compilation as a whole (in other words, each issue of Modernist Cultures) is copyright © by Modernist Cultures, all rights reserved. Consent for third-party republication must be gained from the author and from the editors of Modernist Cultures.

Review Articles

Modernist Cultures will be publishing reviews of individual books, and most issues will also include one long review article that will concentrate on recent debates in a particular area of modernist studies. It is intended that these articles will provide a critical overview of several books and/or articles that have decisively altered understanding of some aspect of the field. If you are interested in contributing a review article of this kind please contact one of the editors by email with a list of the books/articles that you propose to review. Modernist Cultures does not review books written by members of its editorial board.

Editorial Board

Rebecca Beasley

Helen Carr

David Peters Corbett

Maria DiBattista

Declan Kiberd

Pericles Lewis

Peter Nicholls

Jahan Ramazani

Max Saunders

Vincent Sherry

Andrew Thacker